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Cross Cultural Selling #334

Hello, welcome to Debbie’s Daily Tips. I was talking to someone just the other day about cross cultural selling.

I’m a member of a couple of organizations that really cater to different cultures in the real estate industry, NAHREP and AREAA. And what always impresses me when I attend meetings put on by these groups is the variety of cultures that are represented. It makes sense when you think about it, because as a real estate professional, what a great idea to mix and mingle with agents of other cultures and to really work to improve our own personal sales versatility.

The definition of culture isn’t necessarily just about race, it’s often a shared set of beliefs. For an example, I think that here at Excelleum we have a culture. It’s a culture of service and commitment and dedication to our clients. If you have a team, maybe your team is a culture of integrity or fun.

So if someone is born in America, they’re going to operate inside the American culture. However, if they’ve moved here from a foreign country, then it’s really important to meet them where they’re at to try to adapt to that culture. Can you imagine moving to a foreign country, not understanding the real estate process, maybe barely understanding the language and trying to make an investment as important as buying a home?

We need to be patient, we need to adapt, we need to listen. Slow down and maybe read a couple of great books on the topic. I have a favorite, Cross Cultural Selling For Dummies. This book breaks down different nationalities and goes through what is acceptable or expected or even a turnoff when you’re working with them as a client or a prospect.

We have a choice. We could work with the people who are just like us and easy to work with because of that fact, which will limit your sales success and opportunity. Or, we can embrace the world and work to adapt to those that aren’t like us and to meet them where they’re at. So I hope you’ll do that because there’s a lot of great people out there that really need your help.

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