Community Events #308

Welcome to Debbie’s Daily Tips and today we’re talking about community events. It is important today to increase your range, your reach, and your influence in your local community. In fact we encourage our coaching clients to expand their reach, to expand their database, and to raise the level of their connections and communication with those prospects in their market.

A rejection free way to do that is through community events. Now these events can be fun events, things like a family photo in the park, a pet photo, or maybe a concert in the park. A client of ours recently even hosted a day at the local small zoo, a zoo that’s small enough to actually close for a private event. They invited the community and they invited their past clients. So events like this can be fun and can be a great place for you to meet, greet, and reconnect

You can also choose to put on an educational event. In our Inner Circle program, we provide an events planning kit for our coaching clients that has 8-9 different types of events. Some of them are those fun community connection events and many of them are educational events. These educational events include topics such as “Downsize With Distinction,” “Should I Move Up Or Stay And Remodel My Current Home,” “Renting Vs. Owning: Is It Time To Buy,” and investor seminars.

So just think about all the fun and interesting things you could do as a topic that you could promote in your community.

And by the way, you may be thinking, “Well, I’m not a good speaker.” If that’s the case you can just focus on the fun events. Or what you could do is joint venture with a partner, a lender, an affiliate, someone who is a good speaker and would be able to help you with your event.

Now if this interests you, we actually have a fully recorded webinar on these different types of events, including how to set them up, how to fill the room, etc. I would be happy to send that to you upon your request. Just email me,

I believe in community events, because I use them all the time to grow my business. And I love it. I could cold call, or I could get a great group of people in a room, make friends with them, and have a whole group of warm prospects. So I encourage you to consider it.

Remember – if you want a copy of that webinar,, and I’ll send you our full events planning informational webinar.

Have a great day, I’ll talk to you soon.

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