Common Team Hiring Mistakes

Through our extensive work with many agents over the years, we have had the opportunity to learn about the mistakes that agents have made when hiring team members.  Not surprisingly, we find that agents tend to make the same kinds of mistakes, and sometimes more than once.

Regardless of the type of team member hired, the most frequently made mistakes include the following:

  • Hiring too quickly – hiring the first person interviewed, rushing or skipping important steps in the interview and hiring process.
  • Hiring without defining expectations – not knowing exactly what the person will do, not developing a job description prior to hiring.
  • Hiring the wrong personality style – minimizing the importance of personality style, not understanding which personality style is most suited for the position, and/or not assessing and validating personality type.

Why do agents make these mistakes?  Agents most often say they were in a hurry to get the hiring process over, that they couldn’t afford to devote a lot of time and they just needed to get back to work.  You may also feel the pressure of your workload and it may be very tempting to skip steps – do not do this, you will lose time and money in the long run.  You should plan on spending at least two weeks to find the right team member.  It is worth the effort – after all, you might end up spending more time with the team member than with your family!

Because you don’t know what the next person has to offer, promise yourself that you will not hire the first candidate that comes through the door.  What you call “intuition” may in fact be just impatience.


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