“Here’s What Our Elite Clients Have Been Able To Achieve…”

“Choosing Excelleum was the best thing I’ve done for my real estate career…”

Thinking of a coach? I was right where you are a few months ago. I spoke with all of the big coaches and coaching firms, and I had a favorite. But after stepping back and doing an in depth analysis of what was best for me, I chose Debbie and her team. The others might have been a lot more “rah rah,” but at the end of the day, you want someone who has been where you are, and can address your challenges in a creative and experiential way. ALL of her coaches, and Debbie, are experienced agents. I was on the air with Tony Robbins a couple of dozen times in my former life as a QVC Program Host, so I get and understand “hype.” The thing is, “hype” isn’t gonna’ get it done – YOU are. Choosing Excelleum was the best thing I’ve done for my real estate career.

-Dave King

“$2.5 Million Dollar Listing! And I Double Ended It!”

I have been well taken care of and supported by my coach and the team at Excelleum. In my first month of coaching in the Master’s program I was supported and guided through to take my first luxury listing over $2.5 million. And I double ended it! Thank you!

-Natalie Le

“I’ve been in the real estate business for a year and a half… I’ll have completed nine transactions this year. The plan is to double my business from there or maybe even triple it.”

-Nick Butcher
Realtor, Keller Williams Realty

“When we hired Excelleum we were already quite successful, but of course we wanted to continue growing and developing… What’s been so helpful is that the entire coaching staff at Excelleum has been part of that process. Each coach has been extremely instrumental in helping us continue to reach those goals.”

-Rachel Richards
Realtor and Owner, Rachael Richards Group

“I increased my volume from 15 million to 20 million in just a few months, but more so, what the program has really helped me do is grow a team… The goal this year is to go from 20 million to 40 million in sales, and getting to the point where I am more removed from the day to day activities of real estate sales… Having the right type of coach for me has really just made a huge difference.”

-Anna Abbatemarco
Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Fox & Roach, REALTORS

“Gus has been a tremendous help, and what he’s really done for me is he’s really helped me focus on what really matters every day… Secondly, he’s really helped me focus on making better choices, dealing with what’s important versus what’s urgent. And that’s helped me control my schedule. He has so much knowledge and experience. Anything I ask him, he has a great solution for.”

-James Weddel
Realtor, Keller Williams Realty

“When I signed up with Dave about a year ago I was making about $82,000, well in this past year, Dave has helped me to excel over 6 figures, high over six figures, and I do owe that to Dave… They have guided me through the past year to more than double my income. Not only am I able to talk with Dave every other week for our scheduled appointment, but I also am able to call him, text him, or email him and he answers questions for me, he’s there to be able to help me and guide me. My business has absolutely blossomed. I will continue to make the investment in Dave and in Excelleum because it helps me to not only be a better agent, a better mother, a better person all the way around, but it really is amazing coaching because it’s not just about our business, but it’s a holistic aspect.”

-Jodi Ferguson
Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Northwest Real Estate

“I just want to give a shoutout to my coach Victor who has done an amazing job for me. We had always been a high performing team but when I started coaching with Victor a couple years ago, we really took the bull by the horns and did something that were out of my wheelhouse, just weren’t really considering and our volume increased by about 80% in one year. Victor is a great dude, he really makes it more than just a business relationship, it’s a friendship, he’s all vested in you. Highly, highly recommend Victor as a coach with Excelleum. Great job, Victor’s my guy.”

-Seth Task
Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Professional Realty

“I wish I had access to Debbie and her team years ago.”

I just started coaching with Debbie De Grote. So far I am impressed with the quality of the coaches, the scripts and dialogues, and most importantly my access to Debbie herself. I wish I had access to Debbie and her team years ago. I don’t think there is a better coaching organization than Debbie and her Team. My coach Steven is also amazing, and I would recommend him to anyone that has a sustainable source of business, and would like to enhance their skills, develop their mindset and grow their business to a level beyond what they could ever imagine (without the coaching support). This is elite level coaching and if you want to surround yourself with SUCCESSFUL PEOPLE, this is the place to do it. If you seriously need anymore information or questions answered, please feel free to contact me directly.

-Murad Shivji
RE/MAX Central Real Estate

“Finally a coach philosophy that is not ‘one size fits all’!”

Aren’t we fortunate?! Finally a coach philosophy out there that is not a “one size fits all”! Debbie De Grote and her Excelleum Team are such a breath of fresh air for our Real Estate industry! I, as a Broker/Office Manager, and some my agents have been coached by Debbie for about 6 months now. Every call, meeting, webinar or just an email from Debbie are loaded with great information, new strategies, out of the box approaches to grow our business. Furthermore, Debbie’s NLP skills wow me with the best scripts! From a few words to break the ice, to a powerful closing! Best coach ever!

– Beth Hale
Realtor, Co-Owner/Broker/Manager at Berhskire Hathaway Home Services

“Debbie’s coaching gets me the results I desire!”

I have been utilizing the coaching and consulting services of Debbie from 2009, when I first got started coaching I was 26yrs old; 4yrs into the Real Estate Market as a full time Salesperson. I had no real training; no other back up plan and I was struggling, confused, drained both emotionally and mentally. I didn’t know what to do, where to go and what to say. By hiring Debbie as my business coach I was able to learn how to gain control of my thoughts and emotions, I was able to learn how to mentally understand what actions needed to be taken and I was taught how to flawlessly execute my daily goals and plans.

I owe all my success in real estate, business and personal life to the confidence Debbie has given me to continuously grow and learn. Many people are in search of the magic pill and I honestly believe that Debbie is my magic pill. A daily dose of Debbie’s coaching gets me the results I desire!

-Tony Prakash
Premier Real Estate

“She brings such genuine positivity and sincerity to her coaching…”

I have had many sales managers, coaches and mentors in my life and I find it amazing to have had the opportunity to cross paths with such a dynamic individual as Debbie. She brings such genuine positivity and sincerity to her coaching that I have always felt was lacking in a lot of the trainers and coached the big corporations I’ve worked for in the past and have been hired to speak to the sales teams I’ve been on.

– Joshua Atkinson

“I am up to 6 pending sales this month…”

My coaching has been helping tremendously with momentum. I am up to 6 pending sales this month, took a new listing last week and have another listing appointment this week and had a past client go BOM today. It took me awhile to get there, but it’s happening!! I have several to thank for this… The weekly calls are also a huge help in maintaining momentum. Thank you Excelleum team!

-Jessica Wells Griffith
Realty One Group

“…Providing un-paralleled sales techniques and improved closing ratios.”

Partnering with Excelleum and Debbie De Grote has proven to be a lucrative decision for Nationwide Real Estate Executives. Our agents thoroughly enjoy her weekly coaching calls, providing un-paralleled sales techniques and improved closing ratios.

– Daryl Owen
CEO, Nationwide Real Estate Executives

“Debbie managed to get me to almost double my average sale price…”

My name is Boris Kholodov and I’m a real estate broker in Toronto. I reached out to Debbie about a year ago because I was in need of a break through. I had been selling real estate for 14 years, my production was at a standstill, I was complacent. Even though I was successful I really needed to get to that next level, and by creating a strategy that worked for me and by being there every step of the way helping me implement it Debbie managed to get me to almost double my average sale price, increase my transaction volume, and therefore more than double my gross commission income. And that’s just in one year and she says this is just the beginning. I can’t wait to see what’s next. Thank you Debbie.

-Boris Kholodov
Broker, Royal LePage Real Estate Services

“When Debbie was in the sales field prior to coaching, she was one of the major competitors our company had to deal with!”

Our management team is very precious to us, so when we entrust an exterior source, we need confidence that this application will be loyal to our company and management team. We found such an entity in Excelleum. We enlisted the expertise and skill of Debbie De Grote for our coaching of management. I am extremely confident of her integrity and her massive amount of industry experience. When Debbie was in the sales field prior to coaching, she was one of the major competitors our company had to deal with! We hired her to leverage our management team to the next level and we intend to achieve that objective.  One of the benefits is that the coaching is not generic in nature – its customized and tailored to each individual manager. Our company culture and environment allows us to have this highly specialized coaching. Our association with Debbie has been fairly new, however, the service and attention that we have noticed and the detail that our management field has experienced in just a few sessions has already taught us new strategies and tactics.  We are enthusiastic about our continued relationship!

-Bruce Mulhearn
Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices California Properties

“The techniques that I’ve learned… helped increase my sales.”

Debbie’s coaching is constantly motivating me to strive to take my business to the next level. While working with her, I have seen my communication skills grow, ultimately enhancing my ability to interact with and turn my prospects into clients and close deals. The techniques that I’ve learned have not only helped increase my sales and bring success in the business world, but they have applied to my personal life and relationships as well. She’s knowledgeable, passionate, energetic, and she genuinely cares about my success!

– Chad M. Engle
Realtor, Realty One Group

“Debbie helps you implement what you need to run a successful business.”

Debbie is the best. I have been in coaching since 1995 and have received more beneficial information from her than any other coach we have ever had. She listens and helps you implement what you need to run a successful business. She is coach, counselor and mentor for me.

-Marny Schlopy
Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage

“My business has nearly doubled in the 2 years that I have been coaching with Debbie.”

As a top producing mortgage professional, I appreciate the fresh insight that I get weekly on my coaching calls with Debbie and her team. She is nothing short of a genius in this industry and has parlayed her real world experience into powerful and implementable ideas. She has a knack for solving problems with simple solutions. My business has nearly doubled in the 2 years that I have been coaching with Debbie. While I would like to take full credit, I know that the team at Excelleum has contributed greatly to my success.

-Andrew Soss
Alpine Mortgage Planning

“I would highly recommend her as a mentor/coach.”

“Debbie is an asset which no rookie, or veteran agent should be without. She makes sense of all the walls that all agents run into. She explains, with examples, what an agent must do to over come their fears. I think she is the best. I would highly recommend her as a mentor/coach.

Debbie keep up the good work. You are the best.”

– Charles Grubb
Premier Realty Associates

“You are so ‘with us’ as we deal with our real estate problems…”

“I can’t express enough the inspiration last week’s seminar gave me! I learned so much!  Not only from you, but your family, your coaches, and other attending Realtors!  I also appreciate so much your generosity in offering me the chance to upgrade my coaching. You are such an inspiration to me in so many ways. You are so “with us” as we deal with our real estate problems. You deliver to us not only inspiration, but strength in believing in ourselves. You give us the gift of not only guiding us, but offer yourself to us, no matter what our needs are.  You always assure us we can call on you.

I so want to be able to deal with people and give them the best, with ease, as you do!   You truly care and give us inspiration to pass that on– you and your staff.

I appreciate the chance so much to move up in my coaching. I will not let you or your coaches down. I am so determined!  Thank you so much.

Your devoted follower,


-Sabrina Shaft
First Team Real Estate

“As our industry changes, so must we as professionals…”

“As our industry changes, so must we as professionals. Excelleum Coaching is on top of the changing real estate environment. My Excelleum Coach is a successful practicing Realtor and works in the business just like me. By having first hand knowledge from my Coach, I believe I have an advantage over my competition! Having been an active Realtor for 21 years, my Coach brings me back to the basics along with tools and techniques for working with today’s sellers and buyers. Thanks Excelleum Coaching! You are the best!”

-Gale Fulton

“Working with an amazing coach…”

“Great company to work with. Working with an amazing coach. Love the additional materials provided. Quick response to questions. it is never an issue to get something done. Would recommend to anyone who is thinking of advancing their career.”

– Eva Hirschinger

“We would absolutely recommend Debbie De Grote’s coaching team. “

“We would absolutely recommend Debbie De Grote’s coaching team. Denice, our coach is fantastic. She keeps us on task and even though I have been in real estate for almost 20 years I am learning every day. We have really used the scripts book and taken advantage of Debbies very informative webinars.”

– Loree Scarborough

“My biggest takeaway is that our business is turning away from presentations to propositions and we must be evolving all the time otherwise we won’t be around. And I’m glad to be affiliated with you guys adjusting me and allowing me to think forward. Hope you guys had a great day, are having a great day, and thank you for a wonderful event.” -Brant Crow

“Thanks Debbie for a great event for the last two days, 7 Steps to Doubling Your Income. My biggest takeaway is where not to get lazy about being the market experts and to send out that market update postcards from my firm on a monthly basis. And probably my biggest takeaway is that we are blessed to work in this industry where we have endless opportunity when we are focused with our hard work. So thank you so much again. I learned a lot. I have a lot to think about. Have a great day.” -Anne Verjee

“I just want to thank you, Debbie, for two amazing days of coaching. And my biggest takeaway was the reminder that I have so many tools available to make my business a big success if I so desire. Or I could just keep it low to a level that I can actually manage. Thank you again. It was wonderful, wonderful to meet you.” -Monica Safarik with Mark 1 Real Estate

“I attended the two-day training in Costa Mesa. The biggest takeaway for me was the time blocking and making sure that you have a strategic plan for 90 days consecutively to get the highest return.” -Noel Gracia with Keller Williams

“You guys play big. I’m not playing big enough. I have to play bigger. I have to think bigger. I have to change the mindset.” -Roseanne Scacca of Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices New England Properties

“I would say the two things I got from there were number one, establish a schedule and stick to it. Number two was, establish a schedule and stick to it.

Paul is a great guy. I got a lot from him. I’ve made money from his recommendations so I recommend him highly.” -John Medeiros from PMZ Real Estate

“Had a wonderful time at the event. And I think the biggest takeaway that I got was an item of value in order to implement that and to be ready. When someone asks me, ‘How’s the market?’ I want to be able to have facts all ready to go knowing information nationwide, statewide, and locally.

It was, again, thank you so much for the privilege of going over there. It was just amazing meeting all the wonderful people, high energy. Again, thank you so much.” -Ione Koch with Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Drysdale Properties

“My biggest takeaway is that I definitely will be working with a coach.” -Irina Hill. I am with Keller Williams Realty

“My biggest takeaway from today’s event was hearing Debbie say what I tell myself, which she shared with us today. I tell myself I know how to do this. I just need to do it. But I’m wrong. I don’t know how and I do need guidance and direction.

And today my takeaway was a coach is what I need, what I want, and that is the next step for me to take – to get a coach on my team so that I will know how to do it and then I will do it. So today was amazing. I loved being a part of it. Thanks.” -Sue Hinrichsen. I am with Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices California Properties

“I attended the two-day seminar on the 7 Steps to Double Your Income. It was very informative, and I’m impressed. Everyone is very genuine and provide a lot of good tips.

My takeaway is this is a work program, but with all the help and all the coaching that I’ll be getting, I know we can get the goal achieved – doubling my income. Thank you very much.” -Ada Chan from Realty ONE Group

“I think probably my biggest takeaway from the last couple of days was Alan’s language and the ways he’s reframing the things that we usually do in real estate.  Thank you so much for everything.” -Christine Don

“My biggest takeaway was the special guest speaker Alan Dalton and how he explained new language to clients and how to use the language and how we’ve been conditioned over the years to treat them like they’re stupid.

So, anyway, it was a real awakening for me.” -Susan Verge, FirstKey Real Estate

“I’m in coaching already, but I do strongly believe that I need somebody to hold me accountable to make sure I do what I say I’m going to do and implement what I’m supposed to implement and do my time slot in and take my day off without feeling guilty.

Thank you for everything. I loved the event, today’s event.”

-Sonia Alvarado with International Real Estate Services

“I tried to think of exactly what to say as far as one main point, and I just couldn’t do it. So I’m going to say that action and resolve is when I’m taking away in general, and I’m just so excited.

And the other thing that I am really learning, especially after a year of waffling back and forth, you can’t do it without good help and it just really is amazing to be part of the team.

Thank you, everyone. You put on a great event.”

-Annie Evans. I’m with JP Real Estate

“I really enjoyed the seminar. Very positive. But something that opened my eyes is the importance of improve myself. So I’m going to keep learning and improve my skills. That way, I will be a better asset to my clients.

And another thing that I learned is that I need to revolve, and I need to take action and I already did. I enrolled in the marketing, so I am expecting to have a different year next year. Thank you.”

-Connie from Coldwell Banker Realty

“What I took away with and I have to be honest with myself and face myself, I’m not doing what it takes. I might be doing my best, but I’m not doing what it takes. I’m not doing what it takes.

And then also 50% of my day is not money producing in real estate. It’s not. And then I’m learning I have to romance my leads. I have to learn follow up. I think am I too, but that’s what I learned. I learned a lot. I appreciate it. And I’m going to make these necessary changes in my life. I’ve got to make them. Thanks a lot. The past two days was great. Thank you again.”

-Roseanne Offutt with Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices California Properties

“Number one, the realization that our selling process is that it’s an ongoing process. There will never be an arrival point of complete satisfaction. Knowing that keeps someone incentivized.

Number two, strategic planning is just key. For me, it’s going to be taking pieces that I’ve known about forever and getting them tighter in my daily practices.

And a lot of thirds specific which is, when you hear things in groups that you’ve heard over and over again for years, sometimes there are some of those issues that keep coming up that you hear a different way that will spark action and energy that you haven’t realized before. So that’s a big deal for me, and I think for others.” -Rob Wagner from LIV Sotheby’s Realty

“My biggest takeaway I would say was time management. If I can do the same or more in less time and have more free time to spend with family and friends was very appealing to me. And her mentioning strategic planning, to make and implement those systems, to make that happen is definitely a goal for me in 2017.” -Tracy Bell with Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Drysdale Properties

“My biggest takeaway was probably the fact of getting your friends and family first and using your warm leads.  That was a great event. I appreciate it.” -Adam Ross, Double Real Estate

DISCLAIMER: Fair warning, these results are not typical. Everyone on this page is an extraordinary agent. They took action. Followed through. Were extremely coachable. And did I mention, they took action. In no way are we guaranteeing that you will get the same results… but if you want to go for it, we’re going to bring our “A” game! The world is full of people that didn’t take a chance, you don’t have to be one of them.