Meet Chad Engle

Chad’s journey in sales started over 15 years ago at a very young age, when he worked in various sales positions from luxury retail to the commercial insurance industry. Raised in a family of sales executives, Chad has been groomed in sales from the beginning.

When Chad transitioned into the real estate industry, making a long time dream a
reality, he was trained by Debbie De Grote herself. Debbie’s husband, Don, served as Chad’s mentor for five years, providing him with 30+ years of knowledge and wisdom at his fingertips. Accordingly, Chad’s learning curve was expedited, having the privilege of being trained first hand by Don and Debbie De Grote.

Chad’s youth offers an aggressive approach to prospecting, and in a short time he has successfully built a name for himself. During the first 5 years of his career, he participated in over 200 transactions in a competitive Orange County market.

In November of 2016, Chad’s brother was licensed and joined his brother the Real Estate world. Within his first nine months in the business, Chad has successfully coached him to 12 sales, totaling over $10,000,000 in volume in his first year!

Chad’s youthful and innovative business model is built on Conscious Capitalism. He has a firm grasp on today’s market with and effectively uses social media to connect with today’s consumer.

More than anything, Chad truly believes in the power and importance of coaching. He’s seen it work firsthand and knows its true value. Accordingly, he has a passion for coaching which is demonstrated in each and every call.