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Build Rapport Instantly With Anyone #331

Welcome to Debbie’s Daily Tips, and today I wanted to talk a little bit about persuasion.

Here at Excelleum one of the things we work on a lot with our clients is building rapport, that sales versatility. We have the New Art Of Persuasion For Real Estate course because I believe that really learning to be a master negotiator and a powerful persuader is worth its weight in gold. Let’s remember, persuasion will not occur easily without rapport.

I thought for today’s tip, if I could just give you one technique to be more powerful at building rapport instantly with anyone, anytime, anywhere, what would that technique be? Here’s what I have for you: mirroring and matching. Maybe you’ve heard of this before, maybe you even do it or you do it unconsciously, but it is a powerful technique.

This means mirroring and matching someone’s rate of speech, mirroring and matching their tonality, mirroring and matching even some of the words and phrases that they use and say. Everyone talks a certain way and their mind processes information at a certain speed. And when we can get into their zone, they relax, they can focus, they feel heard and understood.

So think about it. Are you a fast talker by nature? Because if you’re a fast talker, odds are you don’t have a lot of friends that are slow talkers. Of course you may have family members who are slow talkers, but you didn’t pick them, right? But your friends most likely talk at the rate and speed that you do, they most likely use a lot of the same words, phrases and slang that you do, and that’s not accidental. You were attracted to them for a reason, so let’s turn that around and work that same magic on our clients. Mirror and match their rate of speech, their tonality, and if you’re in front of them, even expand it by mirroring and matching their body language.

Don’t forget, people love it when you ask questions about things that matter to them. Ask questions all about them and they’re naturally going to be more likely to like you, to be in rapport with you, and to be that much easier for you to persuade so they can take the steps to achieve the goal that they have set.

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