The Excelleum Inner Circle

Excelleum Inner Circle

This program includes all the training, coaching and resources you need to achieve massive results in your Real Estate business! Members of the Excelleum Inner Circle receive…

  • A Monthly Newsletter Delivered To Your Door By First Class Mail…
  • Live mastermind calls twice a month…
  • Exclusive Implementation Videos & Audios Delivered Each Month to Your Doorstep…
  • Our Text and Slybroadcasting System (A Batch Texting and Sly Dial System to Maximize Your Sales Process)…
  • Monthly Lead Generation Postcards…
  • A Four-Page Client Ready Newsletter…
  • Quarterly Text Messages to Blast to Your Database…
  • Quarterly Slybroadcasts to Drop on Your Clients Voicemail…
  • Weekly Emails to Send to Your Database…

Investment For All Of These Amazing Benefits:

$297.00 per month (cancel anytime)


Customizable Community Marketing System

The Community Marketing System

“How To Become The Dominate Agent
In Your Community”

Suck All The Leads Out Of Your Area Before Any Other Agents Know What’s Happening!

The investment for this program is only $3,997!


Listing Domination Course

Listing Domination Course

“Six Week Beginner to Advanced
‘Listing Domination Video Training & Implementation Program!'”

  • Module 1: Perfecting The Listing Process
  • Module 2: Closing 98.2% Of Your Listing Appointments
  • Module 3: Magic Words, Transitions, And Phrases To Use
  • Module 4: How To Eliminate The Commission Objection From All Listing Conversations – FOREVER!
  • Module 5: Overcoming Tough Seller Objections
  • Module 6: How To Turn Each Listing Into Another Listing

The investment for this program is only $2,997!


Profit Hacking Master Class

Profit Hacking Master Class

“Six Week Video Training & Implementation Program!”

  • Module 1: The Instant Client System
  • Module 2: SMS Conversations Automation
  • Module 3: Mastering SlyVoicemail Connection
  • Module 4: The Instant Referral System
  • Module 5: Next Level Connection
  • Module 6: The Better Clients System

The investment for this program is only $1,497!

Facebook Ad Mastery For Real Estate Professionals

Facebook Ad Mastery For Real Estate Professionals

“Six Week Beginner to Advanced Facebook Ad Mastery for Real Estate Professionals Video Training & Implementation Program!”

  • Module 1: Setting up your ad account correctly; Setting your business page up correctly; Getting likes to your business page the way that Facebook approves of; The Facebook Marketing Mindset
  • Module 2: Creating your campaign in the Power Editor; Setting a budget; Creating your Ad Set; Setting up your lead form
  • Module 3: Generating Buyer Leads: Open House Ads #1; Open House Ads #2; Hot Sheet Ads; &
  • Module 4: Generating Seller Leads: Home valuation ads; Special report ads
  • Module 5: Everything about Facebook Pixels; Adding them to your site; Conversion tracking; Creating a Conversion Ad; Custom audiences with a pixel; Custom Audience from your database
  • Module 6: Proper Follow Up on Facebook Leads with examples to use

The investment for this program is only $997!


Instant Real Estate Events Kit

Instant Real Estate Events Kit

  • Module 1: Timeline and Flow: What you need to do before and after the event and the types of event you can use.
  • Module 2: Promoting Your Event: Getting strategic joint venture partners, and using non-joint venture partner methods
  • Module 3: Community Connection Events: Everything you need to put on some of our pre-made community connection events
  • Module 4: Education Based Events: Everything you need to put on some of our pre-made education based events
  • Module 5: All The Tech And Marketing Pieces For Events: Templates and resources for your landing pages, texting and email, etc.
  • Module 6: Proper Follow Up To Convert People To Prospects, and Prospects To Clients

The investment for this program is only $1,997!


Excellerator Customized
Career Development System

For Brokers And Teams

Excellerator Customized Career Development System:

This is a comprehensive system, complete with manual and audios, that will reveal to you…

  • How to create a bullet proof recruiting business plan. This will be your own, personalized, road map to recruiting success!
  • How to identify the personality profile and specific candidates that are right for you and your culture. This will help guard the culture you have already built by focusing your efforts only on the agents that are the best fit.
  • A multitude of recruiting methods and tactics to choose from which will allow you to find agents that you are comfortable with and that work best for your market.
  • The right words. In this complete guide you will also receive cutting edge scripts for every step of the process. The magic words to use when an agent first responds; the magic words when an agent is interviewing; the magic words to use when an agent is ready to make the move. You will have the most persuasive words to say to win even the most skeptical recruits to your firm.
  • How to format a custom recruiting presentation that allows you to showcase your company’s tools and benefits.
  • What to include in your transition package so that it is easy and seamless to bring agents on board.
  • How to implement an agent referral rewards program with your existing agents and put your team to work for you.
  • How to properly use your administrative team to support your recruiting systems and efforts.
  • Correctly tracking and measuring your progress so that you stay on course for your recruiting goals .
  • The 90 day ramp up plan to get your new and seasoned agents off to a great start.
  • And much, much more….

The investment for this program is only $2,997.


Listing Language 2.0

Debbie DeGrote, The Real Estate Industries leading listing side coach, and Allan Dalton ‎named by NAR as one of America’s most influential thought leaders have teamed up to provide forward thinking listing centric Realtors with the most proven, effective, and easy to follow approach to securing exponentially more listings.

Just as Web 2.0 refers to the growth of the Web from the mere display of content into consumer participation, and social networking…so too this Excelleum developed Listing 2.0 method provides an evolutionary approach to securing listings.

This means that all who participate in this transformational listing 2.0 process will now engage increasingly sophisticated home sellers in‎ a manner and methodology befitting the times in which we live.

The investment for this program is only $299.


The Perfect Real Estate Assistant

If You Want Your Assistant To Be A Profit Center, Then Read On…

In this training program, your assistant will discover:

  • What to say when a client complains…
  • How to ask a client or prospect for referrals…
  • How to use the checklists that I provide for the 75 critical activities that your assistant must do so that you can focus on selling…
  • When to use the over 50 client service letters that I provide so that you always look on top of your game to your clients without having to lift a finger yourself…
  • How to implement effective and proven lead generation systems so that you have the right people to talk to at the right time (including Expireds and FSBOs)…
  • How to work the listings and pending files efficiently to meet ALL deadlines so that you can get paid faster and without causing a hassle to your clients…

Also included with the Perfect Real Estate Assistant program are the following:

  • A complete office procedure manual – so you don’t have to write one!
  • Written detailed job descriptions with proven work schedules that will enable your assistant to be more productive on your behalf…
  • Time management practices so that you and your team are more effective in less time…
  • Tested strategies that we use in my office to improve every day communication and accountability…

The investment for this program is only $297/mo for six months.


The Listing Interview

Are You Leaving Money On The Table?

Would you like to increase you listing taken ration to close 98.2% of the sellers you meet?

Then this listing process video series is exactly what you need to help you fine tune your preparation, presentation and closing skills, and blow the doors off the competition.

It this powerful video series I will take you step by step through what the top listers in North American do, and share practical tips and powerful persuasion techniques that you can implement quickly and easily. And will give you the competitive advantage you need to position yourself as the clear choice in the mind of your sellers.

If you truly want to make more money by working smarter not harder then you must watch these videos now!

The investment for this program is only $49.


The Complete Real Estate Agent's Guide To Hiring, Training, And Retaining Top Talent

The Real Estate Agents Guide To Hiring, Training and Retaining Top Talent is for any real estate agent who is ready to hire administrative help and or build their team.

​This comprehensive book will stay on your desk as a powerful resource for years to come!

It includes everything from, ad, job descriptions, hiring, firing best practices and even tips on how to be a great boss.

It contains additional tips and strategies from top coaches to some of the most elite agents across North America.

It will save you from making costly hiring mistakes and fast track the growth of your business.​ If you buy only one book this year, this should be it!​

The investment for this training is only $99.99.


Debbie De Grote's Real Estate Script Book

Words Matter.

Many of my clients, who work luxury and higher end markets, find that these other “free” scripts are very rough, blunt and unpolished. Scripts they would never actually use with a customer whose business they were trying to get.

These scripts that are now available to you have polish. They have persuasion. They’re very practical. They give you the words that allow you to speak to your potential client with logic and reason.

These scripts were designed to be question based so that you’re not doing all the heavy lifting but you’re truly interacting and consulting with that customer.

You’ll find the audio files (in MP3 format) so that you can listen while you’re working out at the gym or driving to your next appointment. You’ll find over 2.5 hours of professionally recorded scripts with the Script book.

The audio is even broken into tracks so that you can choose what track to listen to on any given day.

As an example, if you are on your way to an appointment with someone whose listing has just expired, you’ll be able to get the exact words to use for that appointment. Having the right words to use at the right time will put you in a position to get the listing that you are competing for.

The investment in this book is only $99.


Building Bigger, Busier, and More Profitable Teams: A Guide for Forward Thinking Real Estate Teams and Groups

Once Upon A Time . . .

Forward thinking real estate professionals dreamt of the day that their individual real estate sales career could be converted into a bonafide real estate business. One employing highly organized systems, services, and team-orientated associates that would lead to income and profits that far exceeded what they could accomplish individually.

Perhaps you have had this dream as well?

Given how many real estate teams or groups are presently thriving, it is clear that the future of real estate teams will not be denied, discouraged, disrupted, or eliminated.

Rather, future real estate teams will become even more prominent, prodigious, and professional.

Not because I say so, but because thousands of highly functioning, profitable, and powerful real estate teams and groups are demanding such.

The investment for this book is only $19.99.


Secrets of Super Sales People

If you are a salesperson that has always wondered how it is that some people are able to make 10x what other salespeople are able to make, then this book will give you the insider’s secrets used by these elite professionals.

Debbie De Grote began her sales career by accident at the age of 18, while still in her senior year of high school. An acquaintance to her parents was a Real Estate Broker that needed assistance in their office. Needing funds to pay for college, she decided to start selling real estate. She thought real estate would be a good way to fund her education. Once she started selling homes though, it was all over. She fell in love with sales and never made it to college. She chose to make “the art of selling” her life.


The Excelleum Recruiting Success Systems

The lifeblood of any successful real estate company or team is recruiting, and to attract and win the top talent you must  have the scripts and tools that allow you to have a turn key recruiting system.

This book has everything you need to develop the recruitment strategy that’s right for your company.

It includes:
• Recruiting business plan
• Practical and easy to use scripts for every popular recruiting method
• Tips for improving your power of persuasion and communication skills
• How to use the DISC to get into the mind of your recruit
• How to conduct a powerful seasoned agent needs analysis that helps you find their pain
• Interview questions for new and seasoned agents
• Letters of disengagement to make it easier for them to depart from their current broker
• Script for saving agents who want to leave you…. and much more!

You can become a recruiting superstar, and with the tools in this book you will have the confidence to go after the hottest prospects and close them with ease!