Being a Super Star Salesperson #307

Welcome to Debbie’s Daily Tips and today I was thinking about the difference between being a super star salesperson and an average agent.

There could be a number of factors, obviously we could make a big long list, and yet here’s the one that struck me most. Super achievers in any field, in any industry, do what others know they should do, but simply don’t. And they do it whether they feel like it or not.

As I think of the mega producers that we coach, which are many, I think about their approach to their business. They don’t make excuses and they don’t whine about the hard work. They have a routine and a schedule, they are very protective of their billable time, and they make sure they’re maximizing those billable hours in the day. In fact, many of them measure and track it.

For example, one of our great clients keeps a time log every week. Their goal is that 80% of the day, every day, will be income producing. So there’s IP, income-producing, IS, income-servicing, which of course we all have to do some of that, and then S, which is just stuff.

Super salespeople are very focused on that income-producing activity. And the income-producing activity isn’t always easy – because that would be prospecting, right? That would be part of the income-producing activities, but they are hunters. They know every day they have to hunt.

They know every day they have to show up and work. They know they have to put their game face on when they hit the parking lot of the office. It’s show time. Personal problems, drama, issues, all have to get put to the side, and they show up and they focus and they do their job.

Now of course in life we all have disruptions and illness and things that occur. I want you to take care of your family as you need to, and yet I also want you think about this. When you look at the amount of money that you intend to earn this year, I want you to think about this. If you were paying that amount of money to someone, what would you expect of them? Would you expect that they show up well dressed, well rested, and ready to work every morning, bright and shiny? Or would you expect excuses?

There’s a big difference! Super achievers in any industry do what others know they should do but simply don’t do.

Alright so good luck, and make it a super powerful day.

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