Be A Great Salesperson With Everyone #310

Hello its Debbie and welcome to Debbie’s Daily Tips.

I just had a conversation with an agent and I thought this would be a great topic for us to talk about today. We were discussing the fact that often real estate agents just focus on being a great salesperson with their buyer and seller, but they forget that part of being a great salesperson is selling everyone in the deal on how to do what you need them to do. In other words – gaining their cooperation.

We were discussing in this conversation how it’s shocking that sometimes, real estate agents who have offers written on their buyer’s behalf, are rude, unprofessional, or aggressive to the listing agent. What do they really think that will accomplish for them?

And then of course other times you see certain veteran real estate agents who are very prima donna-ish, and very difficult to deal with, to the point that sometimes people actually avoid working with them.

And yet in every market there are the examples of those incredibly gracious people that you seek out because you want to sell their listings. You want to help them get their buyer offer accepted.

So let’s think about that. Not just in terms of professional courtesy, but also that as a great salesperson, your job is to sell everyone in that transaction on cooperating, on achieving the outcome that your customer or client needs to achieve. So it doesn’t stop with the buyer or seller.

Be respectful, be efficient and professional, be gracious, and be a great salesperson. Convince the lender why they should do what you’re asking. Convince the other agent why they should accept your bid, because you are going to be easier to work with and your buyer is fantastic.

In any time of conflict, try to take the high road in those conversations with your vendors, your affiliates, and the real estate agents. Because if you plan to be in the business for a long period of time, you want to shine as that outstanding example, that agent that everyone wants to work with.

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