Assumptive Closing Techniques #322

Welcome to Debbie’s Daily Tips. Today we’re going over some assumptive techniques.

This is a favorite subject of mine, because I do believe that one of the best closing techniques of all time is just simply the assumptive close. And I thought, before I give you a couple of tips, I would tell you a quick little funny story. I call it Melanie’s near disaster.

One of our coaching clients shared with me that she had just hired a new assistant, and the assistant really didn’t quite understand the difference between a listing that had already been taken and needed to be processed, and a listing appointment where the listing was still just a potential. So, Melanie had a very expensive home that she was super excited about trying to attain as a listing. She got everything ready, drove over to the appointment, and as she pulled up in front of the house, she noticed that the “For Sale” sign has already been put up in the yard. Instantly Melanie panicked. This is what typically happened as soon as a listing was taken, they ordered the sign up. Except this one hadn’t been taken yet. Well, the door slammed open and the seller came running down the sidewalk. Melanie got out of the car, ready to face the music thinking, oh my goodness, he’s going to yell at me, he’s going to be so upset. Instead, he rushed over and said, “Melanie, Melanie, can you believe it? You haven’t even listed my home yet. And you already got the sign up in the yard. How incredibly efficient you are!”

Of course she was very, very relieved and the rest of the appointments went quite well. Now I’m not saying that this is a good assumptive technique to use, but I think what it does is demonstrate that people want action. When we are in action and we’re assuming they’re moving forward with us, they’re much more likely to go with the flow.

When you think about the best assumptive techniques, I would start with assumptive language. Instead of saying, “If you list your home with me,” try, “When you list your home with me, when we get together, when we work together, when we have offers on your home.” See, I’m going to proceed as if they’ve already hired me or told me that they’re absolutely going to hire me. I’m going to make sure that my language reflects that.

Another great assumptive technique with a seller is to ask them if they’ll have a key ready for you. “You know, Mr. and Mrs. Seller, I’m going to need to have a key when we get that home on the market. So, if you could have that ready and in an envelope on the table for me, because I often forget to ask for it, that would be great.” You might think, well what if they say they’re not sure they’ll choose me? You say, “Well that’s fine and yet, odds are you may indeed choose me, because I have a great marketing plan but whoever you choose, ultimately, you’re going to need to have a spare key ready. So just might be easier for you to go ahead and have one made. And by the way, I don’t want to give you a homework assignment, however, it would be incredibly helpful if you would put together a list of all the things you have most enjoyed about the home. I would love to get a list from you of all those great points so that I can incorporate that into the marketing. Doesn’t have to be anything fancy, but if you would just jot down some thoughts that would be terrific.”

One of our coaches said that when they go out on a listing appointment, as they’re touring the property and they have their phone handy, they say to the seller, you know what, I’m going to record just a few marketing messages for Mary on my team, who’s going to manage the marketing of your property. And he’ll say, “Hey Mary, make a note that we’ve got to be sure that the drapes are pulled back in the master bedroom when we show the home, because the view is stunning.” “Hey Mary, make a note that there is an extra storage area above the garage that is huge.” “Hey Mary, can you make a note?” So that is the agent taking ownership of that marketing, right?

So remember, people like to go with the flow. Be assumptive, be powerful, be confident. And when it comes time to close for the signature on the listing, don’t ask them, “Are you ready? Do you have any other questions? Will you choose me?” Instead, simply say, “By when would you like your home sold to the right buyer? Perfect. Then that’s exactly why we need to go ahead and list today.” Remember to assume that they’re going to sign the listing.

Alright, have a great day. Be assumptive, be powerful and be confident. I’ll talk to you soon.


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