Meet Andrew Soss

Andrew Soss is one of the top producing loan originators in the country, with personal production in excess of $100 million in each year from 2015-2017. He has been named to the Top 40 Under 40 list by Mortgage Professional Magazine, was the top mortgage originator for Pinnacle Capital Mortgage each year from 2010-2015. Andrew is the top volume mortgage producer for Benchmark Mortgage for 2018.

Andrew is a big believer in furthering personal development through mentoring and coaching. He has a modern philosophy when it comes to mortgage origination in today’s market. He built a big portion of his business via online reviews and an overall consumer direct model.

Andrew’s focus on the client’s experience has created a mortgage practice which can weather any market environment. His coaching philosophy is to take on a holistic approach with his students’ practice and is focused on shaping a customized business model based on each student’s strengths, what they enjoy doing, and what actually makes them money. He is a big believer in building the best team to support the practice instead of trying to be a ‘one man band’.