About Debbie De Grote

Debbie is not only considered to be one of the most experienced and most in demand real estate coaches in North America she also has a track record as being an outstanding top selling real estate sales person.

While many coaches often coach by the book or from theory, Debbie’s track record as a top producing agent for almost two decades allows her to bring a straight from the street perspective.  Debbie began her real estate sales career at the age of 18 and by the time she was in her early twenties she was closing over 150 transactions a year as her own personal production with only the help of an administrative assistant.

Debbie was ranked number 1 in listing and sales for Century 21 in Los Angeles and Orange County, number 3 in the nation and number 10 internationally.

In fact Century 21 created the Hall of Fame award for her because no single agent in the history of the company at that time had ever produced numbers like Debbie’s.

After almost two decades of selling, managing, recruiting and launching new office locations Debbie decided it was time for a career change, she decided it was time to pursue her passion of helping agents develop their careers and become a full-time coach.

She turned her extensive database over the her husband Don who had his own real estate practice and who is still an active and top producing veteran agent and stepped full time into the coaching business.  Debbie’s daughters Erika and Taylor recently joined Don in the business so theirs is truly a real estate family!

For over 15 years as a coach Debbie was Vice President of coaching of the Mike Ferry Organization, Coach to the Coaches and coach and consultant at Keller Williams Maps coaching and coached some of the most elite agents, teams, brokers, mortgage, title and escrow sales agents all across North America.

Debbie’s coaching style is unique, along with her from the street perspective she brings a passion for customized coaching.  Because she knows that no two agents are alike.  Debbie in her over 70,000 coaching calls and over 50,000 hours of coaching some of the best found that what made her coaching technique so powerful was that she 100% customized it for the client, their market, their strengths and their areas of expertise.

Debbie’s often says, “you can’t force a square peg into a round hole and expect success, instead I encourage our clients to embrace their uniqueness and we then help them develop their own customized blueprint for success.”

Debbie’s clients often refer to Excelleum as the “Neiman Marcus” of coaching citing the white glove service, outstanding team of coaches who like Debbie all have an extensive real estate background.  If you read the reviews you will hear them rave about the quality of content, the resources that support the coaching, the constant innovation that helps them stay one step ahead of the competition.

They are stunned by the fact that Debbie personally conducts the first call, that Debbie and Debbie only orchestrates the coaching matches. And that Debbie’s faculty approach to coaching allows the client to take full advantage of the entire line up of talent and experience that Debbie’s outstanding coaches bring to the table.

As outstanding as Debbie’s coaches are, Debbie still rigorously trains them, coaches them and review every client file with them, she is highly involved in each client’s success.  Just ask any Excelleum client!

Debbie often says, “it is not our interest to be a coaching machine for the average masses, instead we prefer to coach and consult those who have a sincere and serious desire to create a powerful and profitable real estate career.”

We know that when our clients succeed they will stay year after year!  So at Excelleum we focus more on the selection and development of agents committed to growth and that it why clients stay, year after year!