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Why Excelleum and Debbie De Grote?

People always ask me, “After 16 years of coaching for other companies, why did you form Excelleum and what’s different about it?”

After 16 years of coaching, Excelleum was formed because I could see what was missing in the current coaching programs available. Like you, I noticed that most coaching programs consisted of shallow, quick calls that consisted of a little accountability and a little bit of motivation. Most coaches were poorly trained. There didn’t seem to be a process to match the sales professional up with the right coach.

Sales professionals need a coach that offers true business consulting and then develops unique strategies that are tailor made to fit them.

That’s how we’re different. When our coaches coach you, not only are they available during the coaching calls but you can reach out to them in between calls when you need help. We hire high quality coaches that are already successful in their careers. They are each put through a rigorous process even though they’re some of the best sales professionals in the industry already.

Personally, I’ve conducted 52,000 coaching calls with great agents across the nation; I know what you need from coaching to get you to the next level. We deliver results.

I am loving the Master’s coaching program. I am so happy with my Coach and although we have only had two calls, I know I am going to excel under his guidance. I love his style and his presence. I aspire to be just like him. I love Speak No Evil. The calls are amazing. I am listening to them on my iPhone in the car and in the house as I clean or whenever I have spare time. So far my favorite take aways are from the How to Ramp Up in the next 90 Days; specifically, I love the penny game and the points sheet.

Lisa Sosson Stodder, RE/MAX Estate Properties

Debbie's coaching is constantly motivating me to strive to take my business to the next level. While working with her, I have seen my communication skills grow, ultimately enhancing my ability to interact with and turn my prospects into clients and close deals. The techniques that I've learned have not only helped increase my sales and bring success in the business world, but they have applied to my personal life and relationships as well. She's knowledgeable, passionate, energetic, and she genuinely cares about my success!

Chad Engle, First Team

My Coach Gus has been instrumental in helping me navigate negotiations with difficult sellers and tough deals.   With him in my back pocket I am more confident to take on bigger mental challenges in my business and personal life.  I just landed a $8,375,000 listing, and a $5,300,000 sale.   I have currently have 10 offers on a $1,500,000, fixer too.

Thank you for keeping my head in the game when life was happening!!

Robert Erickson, Rodeo Realty - Beverly Hills

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